eulerr is an R package that generates area-proportional Euler diagrams to display set relationships (intersections, unions, and disjoints) with circles. Euler diagrams are Venn diagrams without the requirement that all set interactions be present (whether they are empty or not). That is, depending on input, eulerr will sometimes produce Venn diagrams but sometimes not.

With three or more sets intersecting, exact euler diagrams are often impossible. For such cases eulerr attempts to provide the best approximation possible by numerically tuning the circles positions and radiuses so that the sum of absolute errors is minimized.

eulerr is on CRAN, the official repository for R packages, where you can find a manual for its functions along with a vignette that will get you started quickly.

Shiny application

The package is also available as a web application made using shiny. It is avilable at

A shiny application for eulerr
A shiny application for eulerr


The source code is avaiable on GitHub where you are welcome to contribute to the ongoing development of eulerr.