qualpalr generates distinct qualitative color palettes, primarily for use in R graphics. Given n (the number of colors to generate), along with a subset in the hsl color space (a cylindrical representation of the RGB color space) qualpalr attempts to find the n colors in the provided color subspace that maximize the smallest pairwise color difference. This is done by projecting the color subset from the HSL color space to the DIN99d space. DIN99d is (approximately) perceptually uniform, that is, the euclidean distance between two colors in the space is proportional to their perceived difference.

qualpalr was inspired by i want hue.

qualpalr is on CRAN, the official repository for R packages, where you can find a manual for its functions along with a vignette that will get you going.


The source code is avaiable on GitHub where you are welcome to contribute to the ongoing development of qualpalr.