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A better algorithm for finding a subset of points that maximize the minimal distance between them.


This is an introduction to my package, eulerr, an R-package that computes and plots Euler diagrams for set relationships.


Let me introduce qualpalr: an R package that generates qualitative color palettes with distinct colors using color difference algorithms.




An R-package that generates area-proportional Euler Diagrams.

CRAN-version, Development version


An R and C++-based implementation of the incremental gradient algorithm SAGA for fitting generalized linear models.

Development version


A package that generates qualitative color palettes algorithmically to maximize distinctiveness, as well as cater to color deficient people.

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A basic API to enable knitting KOMA-script-generated $\LaTeX$ files from R-Markdown documents.

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Additional plots and themes for lattice.

CRAN-version, Development version

Recent Publications

. A Case Study in Fitting Area-Proportional Euler Diagrams with Ellipses Using Eulerr. In: Proceedings of International Workshop on Set Visualization and Reasoning, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, pp. 91, 2018.

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