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Using polylabelr to find visual centers of polygons and label Euler diagrams

A better algorithm for finding a subset of points that maximize the minimal distance between them.

This is an introduction to my package, eulerr, an R-package that computes and plots Euler diagrams for set relationships.

Let me introduce qualpalr: an R package that generates qualitative color palettes with distinct colors using color difference …

Recent Publications

. A Case Study in Fitting Area-Proportional Euler Diagrams with Ellipses Using Eulerr. In: Proceedings of International Workshop on Set Visualization and Reasoning, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, pp. 91, 2018.

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. Sex-based differences in pain distribution in a cohort of patients with persistent post-traumatic neck pain. Disability and Rehabilitation, 40(9), 1085–1091, 2017.

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. Vestibular asymmetry increases double support time variability in a counter-balanced study on elderly fallers. Gait & Posture, 45, 31–34, 2016.

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. Increased double support variability in elderly female fallers with vestibular asymmetry. Gait & Posture, 41(3), 820–824, 2015.

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Find the Pole of Inaccessibility (Visual Center) of a Polygon.


Area-Proportional Euler and Venn Diagrams with Circles or Ellipses.


Rmarkdown Templates for KOMA-Script Classes.


Automatic Generation of Qualitative Color Palettes.


Fast Sparse Linear Models for Big Data with SAGA.


New and Extended Plots, Methods, and Panel Functions for Lattice.